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Microblading or Cosmetic tattoo

What is microblading?

It is a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure using a sterile one use only hand tool and pigment. Tiny hair-like strokes are etched/tattooed into the skin to resemble hairs.  It can enhance your natural brows for minimal maintenance, or replace what you no longer have. The pigment used is vegan and cruelty-free.  It is free from heavy metals and has the most stable colour retention of any pigments on the market.  


What is cosmetic tattoo?

Also known as powder or ombre brows.  It is also a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure using a state of the art tattoo machine.  These can be done to your preference.  This means that we can implant as little or as much pigment into your skin to give you the healed results you require.  Soft, powdery brows can be achieved by implanting less pigment and keeping the edges soft.  Stronger, more heavily pigmented brows may suit you more.  These are often the choice for someone who wears makeup on their brows every day.   Soft powder or ombre brows can look just as natural as microblading.  These are my favorite technique and i get the most client satisfaction from these.  It is also a great way to cover old work done elsewhere.

How long will it last?

This can be variable from person to person, but as a guide, it can be anything between 1 and 5 years.  After the treatment, it is normal to expect approximately 20-40% fade out by the end of the healing phase.  Sometimes more.  Following aftercare instructions is a very important step and your end result relies on it.

NB: This is a cosmetic procedure and may not always last on some people for unknown reasons.


How many treatments will I require?

All treatments begin with an initial appointment. Approximately 6 weeks later you will need a top-up treatment. This is a requirement.  This is to fill in any strokes that have faded since the first appointment, or to add more colour.  Rarely, but occasionally,  you may require a third treatment.  This can be due to your skin type.  From this point, a colour refresh will be required after 1 year to 24 months.  I can't rule out an allergy developing in the future. NB; if you have oily or thick skin, results may not heal as well.  There is a chance your hairstrokes will be blurry when healed.  This is where my guidance is necessary.  Oily skin types heal much better with cosmetic tattoo.  


How long will my appointment be?

Like anything in this industry, time can vary from person to person.  Please expect to be here for approximately 2 and a half to 3 hours.  Follow up or perfecting appointment usually takes less time, depending on your healed results from the first session.  So please allow 2 hours for this session.


Does it hurt?

This varies based on the clients' tolerance.  I use a compound numbing gel formulated especially for this type of procedure.  This is reapplied during the procedure to minimise discomfort.  The first part of the appointment will be done with no numbing cream.

Is it right for me?

There are a few things that can stop us from going ahead with the treatment.  Before your appointment please read the following information.  Here you will see any contraindications.  Some medicines and medical problems may stop the procedure going ahead.  IMPORTANT: If you have oily skin, your results may not be what you expect.  The hairstrokes may not be as crisp as those with dry skin. It is a cosmetic procedure and also comes with risks.  These will be discussed at your appointment.  IF YOU ARE ON AMY MEDICATIONS, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US TO SEE IF IT WILL BE OK TO GO AHEAD.



The following are absolute contraindications

*Isotane or Roaccutane/isotretinoin medication

*Blood thinners 

*Keloid scarring

*Some autoimmune diseases


What will I look like after the treatment?

Although results vary, most people have some degree of inflammation during the healing process. This can make the brows look reddish until it settles down.  After the treatment, the brows will be darker than your own.  This is because when they heal, the colour and size will reduce.  The pigment also oxidises over the first couple of days, which makes the pigment appear very dark.  There is the chance you will feel overwhelmed by the appearance immediately after and up to 10 days to follow.  It is imperative that you follow the aftercare carefully.  If you don't, you may cause harm to your new brows and it may leave permanent scars.  Although great care is taken to create symmetry, due to mimic muscles in your forehead, you may not be symmetrical after first treatment.  Most times this can be altered at your follow up visit.  NB: There are some clients that will only be able to have the brow procedure done if they have botulinum toxin.  Sometime the force of the muscles (from the frown and forehead) create asymmetry when you talk.  SO brows appear even when they are created and then sit differently.  I am happy to talk you through this.  This is not a requirement but will give you the best results.  I will not go ahead with the treatment if I believe your muscles are too strong.


Is it safe and hygienic?

All of the tools used during the procedure have been sterilised or are sterile, single use only tools. As a Registered Nurse, I am always up to date with hand hygiene and current guidelines.  You must also comply with the aftercare instructions to reduce the risk of infection and any other associated risks.  Cosmetic studios in Auckland require a Health Protection licence.  I also have current certification in Blood Bourne Pathogens and Hand Hygiene.

Is there anything I can do to prepare my self for the procedure?

  • Keep out of the sun and refrain from using fake tan for the week before your appointment

  • Unplucked brows will help me give you the most natural look and do not tint as it can alter my perception of your natural brow colour

  • Avoid taking any blood thinners i.e. aspirin, before the treatment.  This includes Fish Oil, ibuprofen and Vitamin E

  • I will not treat anyone who has used isotretinoin in the last 6 months

  • Vitamin A/retinoids are to be stopped 1 month prior to treatment.  This ensures the best chance for healing 

  • The healthier your skin, the better the results.  If you are over 45 years old, I suggest you prepare your skin with loads of hydration.  This can be done with good skin care (hyaluronic acid serum).  Most beauty therapy clinics sell skincare with HA.  2 litres of water a day leading in will also help with your healed results.

  • If you have had WRINKLE RELAXERS or neuromodulaters (botulinium toxin), make sure that it was at least 4 weeks prior.  This can greatly affect the symmetry of your brows 

  • Avoid alcohol for 24-48 hours before treatment

  • And avoid caffeine the day of procedure and also exercise

  • NB; All of the aforementioned can alter your results significantly.  This includes poor colour deposit or permanent tattooing

  • Treatment during pregnancy and breast feeding is not advised

  • Exercise is not advised for a day before and 7 day after your treatment.  Sweating with be very detrimental to the healed results of your tattoo


I have had PMU (permanent makeup) before, can you tattoo over it?

Every case is different, I am happy to see you before the treatment day to see if you are suitable.  This decision will ultimately be made by me.  It is not easy and it is unpredictable.  Results will vary and I cannot guarantee success.  It will have to be faded to the point where my work will cover it and it will also have to fit within the structure of the shape.  I can refer you to a clinic in Takapuna where they have a medical grade laser, driven only by registered nurses.  This machine will fade old pigment more quickly than by nature.

The Skin Department/Naked Laser Studio

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Booking fee and cancellation policy

When you book, you will automatically be charged a $100 booking fee.  This is a NON REFUNDABLE fee and can be redeemed at your first appointment.  It will be deducted from your first session.  If you choose to cancel or cancel within 48 hours, you will forfeit your booking fee.  It is a fee that secures your session.  Please respect this policy.  

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