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Updated: Jan 7

Find out if the medications you are on are suitable for getting a cosmetic tattoo. You will also learn what illnesses can effect the healing and the long term quality of your tattoo.


Most people are taking some form of medication at any one time. Whether it is as simple as a contraceptive pill, some magnesium at night or blood thinners. Most medicines will have some interaction with tattoo. If in doubt, please check with your doctor or specialist or give us a bell to check it out for you.

In cosmetic tattoo, there are a couple of 'ABSOLUTELY NOT' drugs. These will either effect the way you heal, or the way your skin is during the treatment. These following medications are contraindicated and the procedure will not be able to take place

  • Isotane/roaccutane/isotretinoin***

  • Warfarin/or prescribed blood thinners (if you have had a stent)***

  • Ibuprofen or any OTC anti inflammatories***

  • Long term steroids

  • Botulinum toxin (must be at least 4-6 prior to tattoo)

  • Latisse/Revitalash/Lilash/Flash or any lash growth serums (eyeliner treatment)

  • Tumeric

  • Fish and evening primrose oils

  • Thyroid medications

  • Coffee or caffeine within 24 hours

  • Alcohol within 24 hours

***These are absolute contraindications

There are also a number of skin related treatments and products that may effect the longevity and colour stability of your tattoo. This includes the following.

  • Retinoids

  • AHAs and lactic acid or any physical exfoliant

  • UV light

  • Salt or chlorinated water

  • Facials - always tell the therapist to block out your brows with any facials

  • This includes any red light treatments

  • IPL and laser treatments, always advise them of your tattoo

  • Skin needling and Dermapen treatments

Along with medications, there are also a plethora of conditions that will effect your healing and long term quality of your cosmetic tattoo.


There are a number of conditions that are an absolute contraindication to cosmetic tattoo. Here is a list of these so you know straight away if you can or cannot have your treatment.

  • Psoriasis

  • Keloid scarring

  • Thyroid issues

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Von Willenbrands or any clotting/bleeding conditions*

  • Autoimmune conditions*

  • Anemia*

  • Smoking*

We are always happy to give you a consultation if you have any reservations about your upcoming cosmetic tattoo.

*These conditions will not stop you from having your tattoo but are known to effect the healing and long term retention of the brows. Please contact us if you have any questions.

See you soon!

Love Amber and Tiina x

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