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So you are booked in for your cosmetic tattoo? Here is a rundown on what you will need to do to prepare for it. These things must all be adhered to so that you get the very best out of your tattoo.


*Start it off right with oral hydration. If you skin is dehydrated, it will not tattoo as well as we would like. Drink 2 litres of water a day in preparation.

*Skin hydration. There are numerous things you can do to prep your skin and hyaluronic acid is one of those things. HA is found in many products and acts as a humectant, and draws in and locks in moisture. Have a look at your products to see if they contain it. It is definitely a hero product in skin care.

*Collagen powders. These can significantly improved your skin integrity in preparation for your appointment. We highly recommend Adashiko Ultra powder and sell it on our website or instore. Adaskiko is a Japanese brand, and I am sure you hear me when I praise ANYTHING Japanese!

*You will also need to tone it down with your retinols leading up to the appointment. Ultimately, stop a week before and thereafter, we recommend you keep this incredible product well away from your tattoo. Active ingredients like retinols, AHAs, lactic acid etc will fade your tattoo and also alter the colour. Please feel free to ask us about your current regime and if it is suitable for your upcoming treatment.

*SPF SPF SPF. I know I bang on about SPF ALOT but it is crucial in the lead up to your tattoo and after. It is advised that you have NO tan on your face when you come in. This is important as the colour we choose is based on the colour of your skin and undertones. If it is not your natural face shade, the color may not be what we intend it to be. This is the same with facial fake tan. Please remove it before you come to your appointment. You will also be advised to cover your brows with sunscreen every day (after your tattoo heals). This is such an important factor in keeping the colour fresh and making sure it doesn't turn grey.

*ANNUAL skin check with your dermatologist. If you have any sun damage or lesions in your brow area, you will need to have your skin checked out and OKed by your dermatologist. Sun damage makes it very hard to tattoo and if you have any of it in the area, it will either catch the pigment more and go greyish or we will have to avoid this part of the brow, leaving your tattoo look unfinished. If in doubt, send us a photo.


Preparing your mind for a cosmetic tattoo is very important. Not only for you but for us! Here are a few ideas that can prepare you so that you come in confident and knowing exactly what you want to get out of your tattoo.

*Have a look through our social media. Get a gauge what you would like as far as shape and colour. Although we don't do cookie cutter brows, each and every set is done with you face and your anatomy in mind, we can still tailor and customise to your wants.

*If you don't already, start wearing brow makeup. This is a great way to avoid "Brow shock" when you look at your brows for the first time. Because they are darker and bolder than what they will look healed, this makeup trick will take the edge off :)


*Having a list of your medications, health problems and skin care will help us fill in your consent form.

Before your treatment:

*NO caffeine, alcohol, exercise or anti-inflammatories 24 hours before

This is something that most people forget about. Please refrain as it will increase your chances of bleeding and make the healed result look patchy.

*Retinols in the area

*No tinting or waxing/plucking - we do this at your appointment

*No sun exposure or sunburn (1 week before)

*If you are having toxin injections, you must have had it at least 4 weeks before

*Avoid blood thinners and any medicines or supplements that can cause blood thinning ie turmeric, fish oils, aspirin, neurofen.

AFTER your tattoo for 7 days:

*Swimming, spas and saunas are not advised for 7 days after

*Hot steamy showers should be avoided

*Heavy sweating

*Beauty therapy treatments

*Sun exposure

*Sleeping on your back

*No makeup in the general area

*No picking!

We hope this helps to prepare you and understand why we ask you to prepare properly.

Please email us on if you have any questions. We want what's best for you and your brow tattoo!

See you soon!

Love Amber and Tiina xx

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