• Amber Sagar

Time are changing and so am I

I hate to use the “word” but we are in unprecedented times. Movement is happening and as a business owner, it’s move or disappear. My decision to change the way Brows Inc works had come because of these testing times. The addition of LayBuy came first. These types of funding services have always been great. I have used them many times in the last couple of years to purchase more expensive items. I felt, it was time and I can see it working really well in the months to come. My worry was that I may become redundant, or my services would become redundant. The average shopper was no longer going to be able to buy what she was 2 months ago. So making my services more accessible....done! Secondly, I felt the need to reach my clients in other ways. Social media and platforms have become a popular (and free) way of reaching people. Although this sort of thing does not come easy to an introvert like myself. I have received positive feedback, so sorry about that! You will continue to see my face on there! My last new adventure is my online store. Another thing that has not come easily but I am SO excited about rolling it out and simplifying the way people can purchase my products. Labour of love actually! All of my favourite things, tried and tested. With 100% backing from me 🤍. Well that’s my first blog post. I will be back soon! Love Amber xx

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