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This is the most common question we get asked by our clients. There are a few things you need to know before you go ahead with cosmetic tattoo, and deciding on which treatment is right for you, is one of the most important ones! Keep reading to understand why we recommend different services for different faces. Many clients come to us with pre misconceptions about what they want, which is usually driven by what others have had around them. Each client is unique in the sense that their skins are different from anyone else and the criteria for some techniques depend greatly on this.


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Cosmetic tattoo has been around for a long time. Back in the 80's there was a spike in beauty therapists doing this procedure. The technique was unrefined and heavy handed. Since then, the machines, the pigments and the techniques have improved greatly. This is now our most common treatment, as the results are longer lasting, more natural in appearance and causes very little trauma to the skin, unlike microblading, where the cutting process causes scarring and make it more difficult over time to implant pigment and make them look nice. There are also varying brow techniques under the cosmetic tattoo umbrella. Depending on the way that the pigment is laid. Powder brows is the term used to describe a heavier, makeup look. It is commonly used to cover up old microblading, as it can hide a number of indiscretions. Ombre technique is a softer technique that has no harsh lines and is softer towards the fronts and tops. Soft powder/soft ombre is even more subtle and is a perfect way to bring life to already good brows that are starting to thin. These are all basically the same with a varying amount of pigment layed.


Microblading is a technique that came about around a decade ago. A tiny blade made up of 18 needles side by side is used to etch hair-like strokes into the skin. The strokes are then filled with a permanent pigment. When healed, they often blur from the fresh result. It is a highly technical procedure and is difficult to get perfect. It is not recommended for aging, sundamaged or sensitive skin. On the right skin, it heals well and needs an annual refresh. This is not recommended for oily skinned or large pored clients either. The high oil content in the skin can blur the strokes. We have a large volume of customers that come to us as they have had microblading and it has not held well. This will be due to one of the factors mentioned. We do less microblading now as our techniques with a machine are getting better.


Machine hairstrokes AKA Nano brows are a great technique to use when the client wants a more subtle result than powder or ombre technique. Using our tattoo machine, strokes are etched into the brow area to resemble hair strokes. Machine hairstrokes have fewer undesirable side effects than microblading, such as bruising, swelling, blown out strokes and deep grey areas. This is because machine hairstrokes do not involve any slicing or cutting. The nano services allow you to have fully saturated hair strokes with better retention, less trauma to the skin, and provides you with a smoother healing process. Because of this, the results usually last longer, the device is able to implant more pigment into each hair stroke without cutting into the skin and is less intrusive to your skin.

When you are ready to take the plunge with cosmetic tattoo, you have the option to have an in studio consultation, where either Amber or Tiina will sit with you and discuss your options and point you in the right direction. We follow our knowledge and insight to inform you of the most suitable technique. Even if your sister or best friend has had microblading and that is what you want. We advise only the suitable treatment plan for you and your skin. If you choose to book without a consultation, this is also OK as we spend time with you doing the consenting process and make sure that everything is covered.

Skin type, aging, nationality, sun damage, open pores, lifestyle are the main factors in choosing a brow type. All of the aforementioned styles take approximately 2-3 hours and require a 4-8 week follow up to finish them. Please refer to our blog post on "How to prepare" to make sure you understand the prep and processes. From then on 12-24 month refreshers are required to keep them looking fresh and even.

We look forward to meeting you and creating beautiful, bespoke brows for your unique face!

Love Amber and Tiina xx

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