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Everyone has a different journey, and what you experience may be different to everyone else. Trust the process.

Day 1-2

Your brows will get darker as the pigment oxidises. You will notice this as soon as your brows have been treated. You may even regret having had them done at this point. You may think they are too dark, too big, too uneven. This is normal and please be patient! The pigment chosen will usually have a warm undertone. This is part of the process and an integral part of choosing the right colour.

Day 3-7

You may notice bits coming away. They are going to look patchy. Do not pick and continue with aftercare. Please only use a tiny bit of the ointment. If you apply too much, it will create a soggy scab and when it comes off it will take pigment with it. Apply only a tiny amount.

Day 7-10

That relief moment when you go “Ah that’s more like it”. Day 14-25

“Where on earth have my brows gone? It hasn’t worked! I want my money back!”. During this time, you are healing. Small punctures were made down to the upper dermis. This means that all the superfluous pigment in the epidermis will be pushed out during your 28-day skin cycle. Your healing cells have an opaque appearance. This will obscure your view of the tattoo.

Day 21-28

“Aha! There they are!”. And, yes, they will still need a follow up appointment. If you do not come for your perfecting appointment, your brows will not last the distance. You can lose up to 40% of the colour.

Day 28-42

This is the best time to get your second appointment. Any adjustments to size, shape, colour and asymmetry will be addressed today. Depending on how you have healed, this appointment can be anything from 1-2 hours. At this appointment, we gently tattoo in the areas that have less pigment. This will make them look patchy again during healing phase

NB: Everyone has a different experience. We are happy for you to contact us if you have any concerns. Sometimes, clients will need a 3rd session. This is rare but depends on your skin type/lifestyle.

Your new tattoo should last anywhere from 12-24 months before you need a colour refresh. Again, this is dependent on a few things, mainly, skin type, lifestyle and skin care habits. We will discuss with you what things to avoid to make sure your brow investment lasts well and stays a beautiful colour.

We hope you love your new brows and can't wait to see you again soon!

Love Amber and Tiina xx

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